About us

Whitedge, founded in 2022 by architect Gaurav Kothari, is a design studio that celebrates the essence of architecture. Embracing the principle that “God is in the details,” we create spaces that embody individuality and purpose.

From elegant residences to immersive hospitality ventures, our designs seamlessly integrate form and function. Collaboration is the heart of our approach—we work closely with our clients to bring their dreams to life.

Our dedication to responsible practices influences every decision we make, ensuring our projects coexist harmoniously with the environment. We artfully infuse Indian craftsmanship where it resonates, adding layers of depth and character. Our commitment to innovation promises solutions that adapt seamlessly to elevate everyday life.

Are you ready to transform spaces into stories? Welcome to Whitedge, where architecture captures life’s essence. Let’s collaborate to create something truly remarkable—your dreams turned into reality.

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